Liars Go To Paradise?

The Story's Background

Greetings, all you lovely people!

For those wanting to know how this manga came about, here's a little backstory.

Liars Go To Paradise? was inspired by a High School creative writing exercise back in Spring 2005. It wasn't anything special, or so I figured. The three-page short story was lost in storage for about a year, at which time I rediscovered the silly bit of prose and took it up again as a writer's block cure, allowing creativity to take whatever direction it wanted.

I posted the prologue on deviantART, not expecting much feedback. I was surprised by the response. It came gradually, but it came nonetheless. People liked it, amused by the off-beat humor. I was motivated to continue, updating fairly consistently until I finished what was supposed to be nothing more than a novella. But people wanted more and I wanted more. I kept going. The story ran, one chapter at a time, between 2006 and 2007, finally concluding with over 180,000 words.

It was amazing! The fanart, feedback, and devotion of the readers was a thrill like no other. When it all ended, it was bittersweet. My heart broke to say goodbye to the characters and the joy they brought so many, especially me. The experience had taught me so much about world-building, dialogue, character growth--all those crucial aspects of the writing world.

When Liars Go To Paradise? ended, the love I felt for it remained. It was the favorite novel of most of my Watchers and friends, and as subsequent years passed, I wanted to revisit it. I tried to polish the prose. I tried complete rewrites. It gave me some comfort, but never quite enough. I wanted to add to the story, but the sequel I wrote didn't do the trick. How could I return to that world without undermining its original appeal?

I played with the idea of a manga from the beginning, but my official illustrator, older sister and co-idea-bouncer-offer (Miko) was swamped with other projects and I had a separate trilogy to finish. The idea was scrapped. Then, in 2013, having finished that trilogy, I approached her again, and we agreed it was time. Key, Crenen, Jenen and all the others were resurrected and redesigned and the story was revamped to begin their newest adventure--this time in the realm of visual art. Aspects of the story are invariably the same, while other things have changed, as is inevitable over time. Whatever the result this time round, we promise you that we are dedicated to putting our hearts and souls into this manga.

We invite you to join us, along with Key and his fellows, on our latest sojourn through the puddle.